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General Practice Hospitalist - 7-Day Coverage (ID400)

The Hospitalist Service at Whitehorse General Hospital is a growing service with opportunities to work alongside allied health care providers to deliver high quality in-patient care to Yukoners.

Hospitalists Program Overview:

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Whitehorse General Hospital has 50 inpatient beds:

  • ICU: 4
  • Medical: 24
  • Surgical:  17
  • Mental Wellness:  5
  • Overflow admissions are held in the Emergency Department
  • On average, hospitalists can expect to provide inpatient care to 14-18 patients daily.

Intensive Care Unit

  • Our hospitalists are providing care to patients admitted to the ICU. The ICU is a location for acute medical needs not suitable for general medical wards and is often a place for stabilization and interim management of patients prior to transfer to a higher level of care or stabilization to the medical wards. 
  • As part of the maturation of the hospitalist program, we are working with our partners, exploring options to stabilize and bring continuity to our hospitalist model that would be comparable to other Canadian jurisdictions.

Physician Lead

Effective leadership is essential for optimal performance and maturation of the hospitalists program. Work is underway to introduce a physician-lead to the hospitalist program. Further details will be forthcoming once the role and its scope are finalized in the coming weeks.

Are you interested in providing hospitalist serviced in Yukon but are uncertain because of the ICU aspect of the model? 

  • We have opportunities for you to be mentored by resident hospitalist physicians who are experienced in this model of care to build comfort and competency. 
  • Anesthetists provide consultative care for airway management, cardiac and pulmonary resuscitation, advanced life support and pain control and have an active role in stabilizing and preparing the patient for medevac transport out of the territory.  In addition, the ICU is well supported by pediatricians, psychiatrists, gynecologists, orthopods and general surgeons. 
  • Consultation with an Intensivist is available through an easy phone call or “app message”.
  • If you are interested in providing hospitalist care but are not comfortable providing ICU care, we are still interested in hearing from you. With four hospitalists rostered daily we have the flexibility to schedule hospitalists who are comfortable providing ICU care alongside hospitalists who would provide inpatient care for medical, surgical and mental wellness. 

Are you concerned about work life balance?

Effective January 31, 2024, we will be increasing our hospitalist roster from three to four to ensure optimal coverage.

Program Description:

  • Hospitalist physicians provide adult medical (inpatient) care at Whitehorse General Hospital (WGH).
  • Inpatient coverage provided by the program includes the Medical Unit, Surgical Unit, Intensive Care Unit and Mental Wellness Unit (secure medical unit).
  • Hospitalists provide care and maintain health records consistent with Yukon Hospital Corporation policies, clinical standards established by the Medical Advisory Committee and Medical Staff Bylaws and Rules.
  • The Hospitalist program, generally, covers admitted patients’ assessments, consults and discharges in alignment with any inter-departmental agreement. 
  • The Hospitalist group works together to ensure continuous coverage to support any patients admitted to the service, every day of the year.
  • In some exceptional circumstances, hospitalists will work with an external specialist to support psychiatric pediatric patients.  Pediatricians support all other pediatric patient populations.


3 physician model (Feb 1 – Sept 1, 2024)*

  • Hospitalists work a 12-hour day providing inpatient care; 0800 – 2000, 7 days a week.
  • The daily rate, all inclusive, is $2760 through an alternate payment arrangement (APA).
  • On-Call Hospitalist services provided outside of the 12-hour workday (2000 – 0800) billed using a fee-for-service model and is remunerated outside of the APA.  The On-Call hospitalist is eligible to bill Level 1 On Call for these hours.

*Interim measure to support program launch

Four physician model

  • Hospitalists work a 9-hour day providing inpatient care, 0800-1700, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.
  • The daily rate for hospitalists is $2,070 through an alternate payment arrangement.
  • Hours required to work beyond 1700 to provide patient care will be remuneration outside of the APA through a fee for service model. This includes time premium fee codes where applicable.
  • Hospitalist On Call services provided outside of the 9-hour workday (1700-0800) is billed using a fee-for-service model and is remunerated outside of the APA. The On-Call hospitalist is eligible to bill Level 1 On Call for these hours.

Shadow Billing

  • All contracted physicians, regardless of the number scheduled, are required to shadow bill for services provided, either by paper claim or an electronic format that can be consumed by the claims processing system for Insured Health Services. 
  • We are currently exploring options with the Yukon Hospital Corporation to support electronic shadow billing for contracted locums. 

Locum Support:

  • Locum support for accommodation and transportation expenses is available.

Education and Licensing:

  • Physicians must demonstrate a Certificate of the College of Family Physicians.
  • Be licensed by the Yukon Medical Council to practice medicine in Yukon.
  • Expressions of Interest must contain current curriculum and demonstrate certification in the College of family Physicians of Canada.

Expressions of Interest can be submitted to Johanna Smith, Director of Insured Health Services Review and Strategic Planning at, or faxed to 867-393-6486.  Contact Johanna Smith by email or phone at 867-335-2361 should you have any questions regarding this Expression of Interest.

We encourage you to visit for more information on providing health care services, including locum support details, in the Yukon.

Contact Carly Cox, YMA Physician/Locum Recruiter at 

This Expression of Interest does not commit the Department of Health and Social Services to award a contract.

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I just wanted to thank you and share that I'm now officially a permanent physician in Watson Lake and found a lovely house to stay as well. All thanks much to you Carly. – Dr. Laura

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