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We are excited to hear from you!

There are plenty of options for locum physicians including different communities, a variety of clinics/hospitals, positions and specializations and whether you want your locum to be short or long term.

The freedom and flexibility of locum positions in the Yukon is what makes our territory a great place to explore rural medicine.

So where do you start?

  1. Decide on the Community you want to work in
  2. Consider months or seasons you may be available.
  3. Complete the Locum Questionnaire
  4. Visit our Job Board/Connect with the Physician Locum Recruiter
  5. Ask Questions!
  6. Sign a Contract!
  7. Complete the Onboarding Checklist (Licensure, Privileges etc.) ** Don’t Worry our Recruiter can assist you in navigating this!
  8. Land in the Yukon, Enjoy, Repeat!

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Sample Contracts & Checklists

"We met in Niagara at the SRPC Rural and Remote Conference. It always excites me when I get these locum opportunity reminders from the Yukon. Can't wait [to come up]" – Dr. Chem

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YukonDocs is a part of the Yukon Medical Association (YMA) and was created in December 2021 to combat the Physician and Locum recruitment challenges the Yukon Territory is facing. YukonDocs role is to market both short-term and permanent opportunities across the Yukon to prospective Family Physicians and Specialties.